Volleyball vs. Mason County (Home)
Kindergarten Registration
Volleyball at Bellevue (Away)
June Board of Education Meeting
Preschool Screenings
Softball at St. Patrick (District Semifinals - Away)
AIS Drama Club Play
Softball vs. Bracken County (Home)
Baseball at Holmes (Away)
First HS Cross County Practice
Varsity Track & Field @ Scott County
First MS Cross County Practice
Volleyball at Nicholas County (Away)
Senior Awards Night
Volleyball at Mason County (Away)
Elementary Beach Day
Band Concert
Volleyball vs. Nicholas County (Home)
Youth Volleyball Camp
Athletics Readifest
Softball vs. Robertson County (Home)
Softball at Ludlow (Away)
Volleyball at Robertson County (Away - All "A")
Varsity/MS Track & Field @ Bracken County
September Board of Education Meeting
Fillie Fall Volleyball Fling
October Board of Education Meeting
Varsity Track & Field @ Great Crossing
Volleyball vs. Ludlow (Home)
Baseball at Bracken County (Away)
Summer Lunch: June 20-24
Volleyball vs. Pendleton County (Home)
Softball at Bellevue (Away)
Graduation Ceremony
Kindergarten Graduation
KHSAA Dead Period: June 25-July 09
Volleyball vs. Nicholas County (Home)
Volleyball at Bracken County (Away)
Volleyball vs. Paris (Home)
Volleyball at Pendleton County (Away)
Summer Lunch: July 05-08
Preschool Screenings
KHSAA Class A Track & Field State Championship
Summer Lunch: June 27-July 01
Last Day of School for Students - Early Dismissal at Noon
Summer Lunch: June 13-17
July Board of Education Meeting
Summer Lunch: June 06-10
Elementary Awards
Tennis at Scott High (Away)
Fall Sports Pictures
End-of-Year Testing (KY Summative Assessments)
Baseball vs. Bracken County (Home)
Varsity Track & Field @ Bourbon County
Baseball vs. Nicholas County (Home)
MS/HS Awards
Volleyball vs. St. Pat (Home)
Volleyball vs. Robertson County (Home)
Track & Field Region Championship (Trimble Co.)
Volleyball at St. Pat (Away)
Softball at Villa Madonna (Away)
Volleyball vs. Bracken County (Home)
Augusta Board of Education Meeting
Baseball at Dayton (Away)
Baseball vs. Holmes (Home)
Softball vs. St. Pat (Home - Senior Night)
Glacier Volleyball Invitational
Baseball vs. Mason County (Home)
Sources of Strength Meeting
MS Volleyball Tournament
May Board of Education Meeting
December Board of Education Meeting
Baseball at Bracken County (Away - District Tournament)
Youth Basketball Camp
Election Day - No School
Library Books Due
Volleyball vs. Harrison County (Home)
Spaghetti Dinner
Volleyball at Newport (Away)
Last Day of Preschool
Baseball vs. Fleming County (Home)
November Board of Education Meeting
Volleyball at Paris (Away)