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Classroom Rules and Expectations




Dear Family,

            I would like to take the time to introduce myself.  My name is Megan Blackaby. I live in Pendleton County with my husband and our daughters.  I graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, received my Master’s Degree in 2004 with an emphasis in Reading and Writing and completed my Rank 1 certification in Gifted and Talented Education and Leadership in 2013. I am beginning my 17th year of teaching!

            Although I have had a wonderful summer having fun relaxing with my family, I am anxious for a new year to begin!  I have many new ideas and strategies that I want to implement in my classroom this year!

            I feel that parent/teacher communication is very important to your child’s learning and behavior.  Please feel free to stop by, call, e-mail, write, or message me at any time if you have any questions or concerns about your child or what we are doing in class.  My webpage is updated weekly with information and you will get a copy of the newsletter I post to each week.  I also have a classroom Facebook page set up for communication, updates, and pictures of our days as well.  You may “friend” me at MrsBlackaby FirstGrade. We will also be using the Class Dojo behavior system and I will be communicating a lot through that too.

            Attached is a copy of my classroom’s policies and procedures for you to get familiar with. It may be a good idea to hang onto the paper for reference.  I will also post a copy of the classroom’s policies and procedures on my webpage.  I am looking forward to a great year of learning with your child and working with you.


Megan Blackaby J 







Mrs. Blackaby’s Classroom Policies/Procedures


Agenda Books

            The agenda books are used every day in my classroom; therefore it is important that your child brings their agenda to school every day.  This is a great communication tool between school and home.  Assignments/notes/information will be written in the agenda daily.  It will be your child’s responsibility to have a parent/guardian/caretaker to sign their agenda books.  I have suggested in the past to students that the agenda should be signed after their homework is completed so that an adult can make sure that everything is finished.  Your child will receive a star each day that their agenda is signed.


        Homework will be given every day, except Fridays.  The agenda books will have written down what the assignment is.  With your help, your child will be responsible for getting his/her homework finished.  On most days, your child will have a Math worksheet to do that goes along with what we are learning in class.  Your child will also have spelling words each week and will need to study them each night.  There will also be Sight Words your child will have each week to practice reading at home.  Also, your child will be required to read 10-20 minutes each night.  Students will receive a Dojo point daily for having math homework completed and reading logs signed.  Students who do not complete their homework will have to do it at recess the next day.  Homework is given to reinforce what is learned in the classroom and also teaches responsibility.  I completely understand that life sometimes happens and will make exceptions sometimes, just write me a note and let me know.

Homework Folder

        Your child will need to have a folder to carry notes and homework and must have daily.  The folders will be labeled on the inside with the words “Keep” and “Return.”  The “Keep” side of the folder will be for papers that are for you to keep and are not needed at school.  The “Return” side of the folder will be for notes, homework, and any other papers that your child needs to hold onto.  This will help keep your child organized.


Class Dojo Behavior Management System

We had a lot of success with the Class Dojo Behavior System last year so we are continuing with it this year!  K-3 classrooms will be using this program.  Class Dojo is a web based (or accessed through an app that you can download to a tablet or smartphne) program which allows teachers to track students’ behavior (positive and negative).  The program is based on points and students can be given positive points for things such as being on task, being respectful, participating, completing homework, or working hard.  Points can also be taken away if students are off task, being disrespectful, or talking out.      

Each student will be added to the online management system.  Parents/guardians will be given a student access code so that they can log on the website or app.  Once logged into the site, parents/guardians will be able to see how many points they have, which positive behaviors were noted, and which negative behaviors they need to work on.  Behavior codes will be sent home the first week of school.  I strongly suggest downloading the app or logging in on a computer as this is a very quick, easy way to keep up with your child’s behavior throughout the week.  If you do not have access to the app or computer please let me know so that I can send you a weekly report.  These will go home on Fridays and by request only.


*Daily rewards will be given to all students who finish the day a point total of 0 and above.

*Students who finish the week with at least a 65% positive rating will receive Panther Club on Fridays.

*Students who finish each 9 weeks grading period with at least an 75% positive rating will receive a reward party.

Daily Consequences

  • -1 point = warning
  • -2 points = Lose 10 minutes of recess
  • -3 points = Lose all recess/note home
  • -4 points = Principal Conference

*Don’t be alarmed in the beginning of the year if your child is receiving negative points.  This is normal for the beginning of the year as students are learning the rules and procedures of the classroom. 

Panther Club

If students have at least a 65% positive rating from Class Dojo they are permitted to bring money ($2.00) to purchase a drink and snack from the office and participate in Panther Club activities.  Money must be sent in an envelope or a baggie with your child’s name on it.  It is your child’s responsibility to turn it into me or you may put the bag/envelope in your child’s folder on the “return” side and I will get it that way. 



        No toys are to be brought from home without the teacher’s permission.  If they are found in the class, they will be taken away and will not be given back until I am given a parent note or have spoken directly to the parent.



Birthday Parties

        We LOVE celebrating birthdays!!!! You are welcome to send in treats for your child’s birthday and we will celebrate!

        If your child is having a birthday party outside of school, please do not send invitations to school to be passed out if ALL of the children in the class cannot be invited.  I completely understand reasons why sometimes all of the students cannot be invited to parties however this will eliminate any hurt feelings children may have when they see they do not receive an invitation.


End-of-the-Day Procedures and Visitors

Although it is understandable when situations arise, please try your best to have end-of-the-day arrangements for your child made before the school day begins.  Calling the school office towards the end of the day can often be confusing and can disrupt class time. 

            For your child’s safety, if you need to come into the school at any time you must sign in at the office. If you need to speak with me, please call or stop by during my planning period (1:00-1:45) or I am available after school most days until 3:30.  You may also write me a note in the agenda, send me an email, or message me as well.  I do check in with my email and class facebook page in the evening. Also messaging me through Class Dojo is perfectly fine too.  I LOVE the idea of staying connected and being available for families, just keep in mind if I don’t respond right away I do have a busy home life with my own children and I promise I will get back to you as soon as I can J .


*These policies/procedures may be changed throughout the year if necessary. I will notify parents of any changes.





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