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The Preschool Life

Preschool is a great introduction into the school life. The students learn hands on through exploration and observation throughout the entire school grounds. Our room is located in the newest addition of this beautiful and historic school. We just love having our own restroom, sink, and water fountain inside our classroom. Our daily routine helps the children maintain a sense of security and allows them to make important decisions throughout the day. Each student has their own favorite part of the day and some of these are; ouside large motor movement, center time, circle time, and even though it is not the most popular some even say rest time. Alot of our students do not like to admit they need rest because most three and four year olds just like to keep going and going. But amazingly as soon as they lay down, get tucked in, lights out, and soothing classical music begins to play it is not long before they are all out. Rest is very important to children this age as they are growing so much and learning so quickly their bodies need time to digest all that they are doing and learning. Birth to six years of age is when children learn the most so their brains are like sponges that absorb everything that they see and hear.
We have a wonderful group of children in this class that are just sweethearts! They try so hard for Ms.Angie and myself and they are constantly wanting to learn and know more. For me to have such an eager group of learners is so exciting and fun. My job is very rewarding. The children are very generous with their hugs and I never grow tired of hearing 'I love you Ms. Anita.' I know we are going to have a wonderful year filled with much learning and of course fun times.
If any of my parents or members of this great community have any questions or concerns about preschool please contact the school and I'd be happy to talk with you.

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