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Classroom Expectations and Procedures

The vision of the Kentucky Board of Education is to ensure that all students reach proficiency and graduate from high school ready for college and careers. These expectations and procedures were designed by AIS to meet that goal. Clear expectations and positive relationships must be in place to promote learning for every student. 



Classroom Expectations for AIS Students :


1. I can follow directions first time given.
2. I can be in my seat and prepared to work each day
3. I can stay seated unless given permission to get up.
4. I can show respect to others with words and actions.


Classroom Procedures:

First Warning - Verbal Warning
Second Warning - Classroom Disruption Referral
Third Warning - Disrespect Referral
Fourth Warning - Call Principal/Designee

Students that receive a write-up during the week will not receive Panther Club. Homework not completed by 8:00 o'clock Friday morning will be completed during Panther Club.

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