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     As the principal of Augusta Independent, I have many job responsibilities.  These responsibilities include overseeing curriculum, instruction and assessment, managing the building and grounds, working with and evaluating all of the faculty and staff, and handling any discipline situations that may arise on a day-to-day basis.  These are all important duties, but to me, the most important part of my job is promoting AIS.  

    Sharing the AIS story with our stakeholders is not only vital, but it is also my favorite part of the job.  I love to talk about all of the great things going on at our school.  It is exciting for me to get the opportunity to brag about our awesome faculty and staff and our amazing students.  There are so many wonderful things going on at AIS that I wanted to come up with a new way to share and promote AIS in the hopes of reaching a much larger audience.  

    What better way to do that than to make use of technology?  The whole world, because of the pandemic, has had to rely on technology for almost everything.  It has been an adjustment for many of us, but we have proven that it is possible to do many things remotely or virtually.  Even with education, we have proven that we can teach kids virtually.  It is no substitute for in person education, but technology has allowed us to continue to provide a solid education during these difficult times.

     I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and prove that you can teach an old dog new tricks.  In this case, Mrs. Bach has taught Mr. Kelsch how to embrace technology and use it to bring the good news of AIS to people everywhere using technology.  More specifically, we have created a QR Code that when you scan it with your phone will take you to a website we have created called the “Principal’s Spotlight.”

     Once we get everything completely set up, we will begin to share our QR Code.  We will share it on social media, in the local newspapers and put flyers up in the businesses around Augusta.  You will be able to access the AIS Principal’s Spotlight anywhere you scan the code.  The code will not change, but the content will be updated regularly.  We will have sections to highlight faculty and staff, the work of our PTSA, things going on around the school and most importantly, we will offer a student spotlight to recognize them and their accomplishments.

     We would also like to make this interactive as well.  The way we would like to do that is by having people who scan the QR code “Shine a Light” on our spotlight students by leaving a shout out or positive comment on social media using the hashtag #smallschoolbigexperience 

     There are many great things going on at Augusta Independent and they are being accomplished by our amazing faculty, staff and students with some help from the PTSA and other organizations that partner with us to help ensure the success of our school and students.  We are very excited at the opportunities this new QR Code will give us in terms of spreading our story to people near and far.


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