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Hello and welcome to my preschool webpage.  I am in my thirteenth year as the Augusta Independent Preschool Teacher.  I live a very active life with my three young boys; Thomas, Joseph, and Nicholas.  They all attend school here at Augusta.  We enjoy playing various sports together, camping, watching UK basketball, playing the Wii (Wii Sports and Mario Kart), watching funny movies, riding bikes, and listening to and signing along to various music. This past summer we really enjoyed golfing together and we were so excited to make it to the beach for the first time.  I hope everyone enjoyed their summer and didn't get too hot. 
Children who are three or four years old may qualify for preschool services.  If parents are interested in preschool for their child there is a process that has to be followed. 

Step one is having your child screened by our preschool staff.  During this screening the parent fills out a questionnaire on various developmental areas on their child.  As you are filling this out your child will be working with the staff on materials designed to target these four areas of development: social, motor, concepts, and language.  These materials are fun for the children and the work is way more like play.  The screening is about 30-45 minutes long. 

Step two is scoring the screener to see if your child has a need in any of the four developmental areas.  If your child is three and does not have an area of concern then they do not qualify for preschool for that year.  If your child is four and does not have an area of concern then they may qualify by meeting the requirements for free or reduced lunch.  If they do not meet this then your child is not eligible for public preschool.  If at three or four years old and they have an area of concern then they go through a Recgonition and Response (R&R) intervention period. 

Step three is the R&R period.  This period is for eight weeks two hours a day 9am-11am.  During this time the staff will track your child's progress in the area(s) of concern.  After the eight week period we, parents and preschool staff, meet to determine if your child needs further evaluation. 

Step four is the evaluation.  If after the evaluation process your child does not have any concerns then they do not qualify but if the evaluation shows needs then your child does qualify for preschool and will be a full time student in the preschool classroom.

The Augusta staff holds preschool screenings in the spring of the year.  We have an article in the Bracken County newspaper, send home notes with students, and post flyers throughout the community to let you know when we will be screening.  If you ever have any questions or concerns about your child qualifiying for preschool please call me at school 606-756-2105 or email me at

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